Head Lice Detection & Removal Services

At Uptown Scratch, we offer safe and effective head lice removal services, typically on the same day or next morning of your call. After one lice treatment, your family will be lice free – guaranteed!

Our nit removal and lice treatment services are always a flat-rate per head, based on hair length. At Uptown Scratch, we want to be upfront about the cost of our services as a convenience to customers. Having a flat rate also allows the lice specialist to work thoroughly without being pressured by the clock. The flat rate is less stressful for everyone involved as we work to successfully remove all lice and nits.

An Uptown Scratch Lice & Nit Clearance Certificate for your child’s school is provided upon request.

Head Check Fees – We will check all members of the same household @ $20 per head. If lice and/or nits are detected, and you decide to have Uptown Scratch perform a full treatment (see pricing below), the $20 head check fee will be applied to the treatment service charge. A Terminator Comb is included with the first treatment (one per family).

Lice & Nit Removal Treatment Fees:

Hair Above Shoulders: $100 Per Head

Hair Below Shoulders: $150 Per Head

Hair Below Mid-Back: $200 Per Head

Re-Treat Services & Fees:

A re-treat is required within 7-10 days of the initial appointment to break the lice cycle.  Light to medium cases are $25 for the standard re-treat which includes a head check and full moussing. We will perform a full re-treat for heavy or severe cases initially treated. Full re-treat is $50 and includes a head check, full moussing, and comb out.

*If a family would like to do the re-treat on their own we will assist you with this through education and advice. The Terminator Comb, combined with our treatment mousse ($25 per 12 oz bottle) will get the job done.  Many families choose to do this to save time and money.  As our client, we are still available to support you with education and advice during this period.